“Ben has helped me for many years with more auditions and jobs than anyone else.  His coaching has always been spot on. Combined with many years and great successes as an actor himself, Ben is able to simplify the truth in every scene.  Maybe his greatest asset though is his very charming, comically dry, yet calm and endearing approach in his direction.  He truly enjoys being of service.  This allows space and ease for the actor to play and build the character to its greatest emotional life.”

Todd Cahoon
(Rebel, CSI, Surrogates)

“Ben’s coaching has been invaluable in my career. Not only is he great at communicating what’s missing in my acting process, but what’s most important is that Ben makes it fun. The work remains truthful while allowing me to really just play.”

JB Tadena
(Hawaii 5.0, NCIS:LA)

Skoog has been a vital resource for me over the past decade. He has propelled my career by offering keen insights, invaluable tips, and steady encouragement. He is a guiding voice through the volatile business and art of commercial performance. A true master.

-Aiden Cardei

“Ben is a force for good in the world of acting, teaching and coaching.  His intuitive, wise and practical approach is grounded in years of experience as well as in his caring and compassionate nature. He’s the winning combination.”

Robyn Cohen
(The Life Aquatic, NCIS, NCIS:LA)

“I’ve been watching Ben Tolpin book TV shows and national commercials since the day he graduated college — yet he never stopped taking classes, never stopped fine-tuning his craft, never stopped finding new ways to succeed in such a difficult business — which, of course, now makes him the perfect teacher. Ben helped get my career off the ground; with his rare combination of on-set experience and joy for teaching, I guarantee he can do the same for you.”

Brian Avers
(Elementary, Unforgettable, NCIS: LA,
Julie & Julia)

“Oren has harnessed his strengths and plays to them inside an audition room, on set and in life. I’ve taken the knowledge I’ve gained from knowing him and applied it to my own career with great success.”

Aisha Kabia
(The Good Place, NCIS:LA, S.W.A.T.)

“Having already had some success in commercial acting work, I didn’t know what I would gain from this workshop. Well, I got more than I could have imagined! Oren and Ben are masters in their field and they share all their collective knowledge in an extremely entertaining and interactive way. I watched experienced actors and beginners transform throughout the duration of just one weekend, and I learned tips and techniques I didn’t even know that I didn’t know! I recommend this workshop to actors with more experience, and beginners alike. From what you learn in the weekend you will definitely have an edge walking into a casting. And you’ll wish the weekend wasn’t over! I hope they come back to Austin so I can take it again!”

Jenny Mia Kelly
(Austin workshop & over 25 national commercials)

“Oren and Ben know the ins and outs of the commercial industry. The audition techniques I’ve learned from taking their workshop will undoubtedly give me an advantage next time I go into an audition. I honestly feel so much more confident in my commercial audition skills and can’t wait to apply it.”

Angela Griffitt
(New Orleans class)